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Acting Tips

Be Do Have

The three step key to success: Being, Doing, and Having

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Developing Confidence-Trust

Confidence is one of the best attributes to have in your acting, but how does one develop and build confidence?

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Developing Confidence - Faith

The second leg of developing confidence is Faith.

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Developing Confidence - Practice

The final and most important part of building confidence is Practice.

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3 Ways to Take Care of Your Audition (And Yourself)

Tips to ensure that that you feel secure and confident in your audition EVERY TIME.

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2 Powerful Tools to Bring Depth and Emotion to Your Film & TV Auditions

Most theatre actors have no idea how powerful theses 2 tools are, and because of this, their auditions will never have the emotion and vulnerability that they need.

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The Benefits of Self-Awareness

"Being in your head" is one of the biggest issues that actors can face in their work, but there is a time and place for self-awareness.

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3 Audition Obstacles Actors Create for Themselves

Sit in on any casting session and you are guaranteed to see actors who think that they are acting. They think they inhabit the character. They go through the motions of acting and auditioning, but in actuality they're doing something entirely different.

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Re-Examining Success and Failure

The way most actors define success and failure is clear and absolute. I want to invite you to change all of that.

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3 Things From the Holiday Season That Make You a Better Actor

This season, take a moment to see how the holiday spirit can positively affect you as an actor. Here are three things to think about all year long!

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