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L.A. On-Camera Training Center

The camera loves you.

It loves you not.

Learn to make it love you at

L.A. On-Camera
Training Center.

Our Courses

L.A. On-Camera Training Center has several courses to choose from, and all the classes offer something that is truly revolutionary: EVERY STUDENT PERFORMS AND REVIEWS THEIR ON-CAMERA WORK AT LEAST TWICE EVERY CLASS!

Private Coaching

Need work today on tomorrow’s next big audition? Jamison or Jackie will work with you and give you tips and pointers about how to have your audition stand out from the crowd.

Video Tutorials

Get some audition coaching for a fraction of the real class cost! Here are tons of videos you can watch again and again.

Career Consultation

Not getting auditions?

Not BOOKING auditions?

Had an audition that was PREFECT for you and you still didn’t get it?

Don’t know why?