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Here are some recent victories achieved by LA On Camera students!  

Congratulations to everybody!


Michelle Jubliee

BOOKED A SERIES REGULAR on "Stargate: Origins"

Maria Palla

"So flipping grateful to have found Jackie and LA On Camera!! My work is more specific, more alive, and more fun. BACK TO BACK BOOKINGS!!!"

Lior Burlin

"Before your class I know I would've went in there and tried to show the CD I can act, this time I just let it be."

Nikki Tomlinson

"I still use and rely on all the great training I got at LA On Camera Training Center!! Just the other day, in fact, I did something at an audition and thought, 'I learned that from Jamison Haase.'"

Darryn Gibbons

"I just got out of the agent workshop. I finished the scene-the first words out of his mouth were 'Now that's someone who's had great training.' Thanks Jackie!''

Kim H. Howard

"A career and life changing experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to beneift from the hands-on knowledge of Professionals who have established a way of working that produces results - LA On Camera has it all!"



Tom Costello

"The choice to study audition technique here is one of the best I've made as a professional actor in Los Angeles."


Margaret Ruling

"That was quite possibly one of the best auditions in my entire life. Thank you so much!!!"

Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez

"Thank you for giving me such awesome tools to book the job."

Jeremy Cohenour

"Taking classes at L.A. On-Camera has completely changed how I approach each and every audition. I am positive I would not have booked a recurring role on a pilot without working with Jamison!"

Kim H. Howard

"I would not have been able to do so with out the training I received from  L.A. On-Camera."

Robert Mitchell

"I still use a lot of what I learned in class with you. It's still extremely valuable so thanks for the work we've done!"

Nick Leland

"Each session we had I grew as an actor and understood the audition process more."

Daniel Lench

"I have never felt more comfortable in front of the camera in my entire 30-year acting career."

Galicia Vaca Lopez

"I took all of your tips!! It was my second commercial audition ever. I just wanted to thank you!"

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