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Weekend Intensive: Advanced On-Camera Drama Audition Class


Wanted to join the Advanced Class, but haven't had the chance?

Most actors believe that being a good actor will be enough to get them the job, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a good actor in Los Angeles is the bare minimum to becoming a working professional. In LA every actor is good, so when you go up against them in an audition, how are you going to stand out? Are you going to just hope for the best? Or are you going to dig deep craft a performance that transcends the audition? An audition that DEMANDS attention and gets you noticed? The choice is yours.

We are going to pack an entire month of class into just one weekend; sharpen your auditions skills by working on several real audition sides in real-world "crunch time" conditions. Always on-camera and all with the guidance and insight of a real working actor by your side.

This class is designed to create the real-world auditioning environment that actors have to face every day. 

In How to Stand Out: Advanced, our proven step-by-step approach gives you the ability to create dynamic, powerful attention-grabbing audtiions time after time. Plus, you’ll get our audition secret weapon, a tool designed to help you zero in on important information in everyaudition scenes.

Time is short, don’t waste years trying to figure these things out using trial and error. Learn from  a professional working actor, an actor who has created a successful proven method and wants to share his knowledge with you. All of our instructors are out there everyday in the trenches, just like you, and they know first-hand how to create powerful, effective auditions that get you noticed, and get you the job.

Mastery is the name of the game in this class, and when you walk out of this class the ability to create incredible auditions will be second nature to you, no matter what gets thrown at you.

Siginficant time is spent one-on-one with each actor, so class size is limited.

Tuition is $360 (with a lunch provided)

$100 deposit is required to secure you place.

Class will be held Saturday and Sunday from 8-5pm, with a one-hour break and a meal provided.


Upcoming course dates

Saturday, September 9, 2017 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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