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Acting Tips

L.A. is a film and TV town

If you haven’t noticed… Los Angeles is a film and television town. Hell, that’s why the city was made. But many actors have a problem -- most trained heavily as theater actors, and thus received extremely limited experience (if any) working in film prior to coming to Los Angeles.

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Active Listening

As an actor, I’m sure you watch a lot of film and television, but have you really thought about what elements are used to create the performances you love?  Of course there’s talent and hard work, but what technical elements did those actors employ to make the greatest impact possible?

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Emotional Availability and Vulnerability

In our last discussion, we talked about how if an actor is Actively Listening, they will begin to have real genuine emotions; but it's their Emotional Availability and Vulnerability that will carry those emotions through.

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Seamless Acting

The third principle needed for a captivating on-camera performance is one of the most simple to understand, but one of the most challenging to put into practice: Seamless Acting.

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Maximum Exposure of the Eyes

Finally, here we are with the most important principle that every film and TV actors needs to utilize.

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Playing Games

A long time ago, my teacher and mentor drew a comparison between actors and athletes. At first I didn't understand how the two were related - but now, years later, I couldn't think of a closer parallel.

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Fail Boldy

Oftentimes, there is a disconnect between what we do as actors and how we were raised. No one wants to put themselves out there in a vulnerable way; we were often taught as children that to stand out is wrong, either by our parents, our peers, or society as a whole.

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